I Could Have Used a Doula…

If only I had a doula every time my husband is away…



I have an incredible partner. Seriously, I ask and he delivers. (Everything but the garbage but I digress) He jumps at my every need. Candy? He rushes to the store. Ravenous nursing hunger? A snack is in hand. Late night french fries? Not a question. Change a diaper? No problem. But my husband is in the Army. He is gone a LOT. We have a sassy three year old little girl and twin 5 month old girls.

I get tired, so incredibly tired. I get lonely, painstakingly lonely. I get bored, sad, angry and touched-out. I witness milestones that he will never experience. If only I had a doula for when my husband is away.


In the birth setting a doula is not a medical professional and they are not to replace your partner. They are there to encourage you, support you and give you a little pat-on-the-ass (if you will) when the going gets tough.

When my husband is gone I could use a doula to guide me when my 3 year-old loses it over her PB&J triangles being too obtuse or the seams of her socks not aligning with the stars.

I could use a doula when one of my twins is cutting a tooth or has a blow-out while I am bathing the 3 year-old who is conveniently covered in marker.

I could use a doula when I get the wine cork stuck in the bottle. Seriously, how do I do that every time? I should stick with twist offs.

I could use a doula when my husband is gone and yet another person I have grown close to moves for a permanent change of station.

My husband knows my love for coffee mugs and always finds some with cute little sayings on them. I have nick-named them my “pep talk” mugs. These help. Maybe I need a doula mug.



Don’t quit your daydream. 



This is a nice reminder with bagged eyes and smeared mascara.

We could all use a doula sometime in our lives.


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