What Does the Doula Do

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In honor of World Doula Week I want to take the time to explain what it is that doulas do. It is different for everyone. Mothers and partners need different things and babies all arrive in their own ways. We are here with unwavering support no matter your choices.

We are trained professionals. On the exterior you may learn that we are trained in methods of comfort and “pain” management. We are trained to guide in breastfeeding. We are trained to encourage the partner during birth. We are trained in many areas, all being non-medical. I feel like none of this can truly describe what we do.

We can be used in an un-medicated birth, an induction, a birth with an epidural, planned cesareans, repeat cesareans, midwife attended home births and almost any other birth scenario you can think of. Still, this does not describe what we do. On with it…

Every doula that I know, myself included has a fiery passion for doula-ing. We don’t care how you birth. We care that you know your options and that the decisions are in your hands. We are there to comfort you and encourage you when it is easy AND when the discomfort starts to set in. We are there to be your constant when you are in transition and it seems like the room is spinning or you can’t keep track of your thoughts. We do not use our hands only to make you feel comfortable by relieving any physical aspect-we also use them so you know that we are there never to leave you (unless you need a cookie or you want your slippers and phone charger from the car). We are not there because you cannot do this on your own, rather, to remind you that you can do this because you were made for this.

Often times, the image that comes to mind when someone mentions the word doula is an entirely un-medicated birth in the dirt with good ol’ mother nature. I assure you, we are for everyone.


Happy World Doula Week!

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