You Trust Your Doula, Your Doula Trusts You

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There are some unfortunate blurry lines for some people about the role of a doula. To clear that up, we have no stake in the medical field. We don’t open our traps at doctors in your room and we don’t make medical decisions for you. We TRUST you.

We trust that you made an informed selection of your medical provider. We trust that you chose a person who will honor YOUR wishes. We trust that you have educated yourself on these matters and asked us for reliable and accurate information when needed.

We know it is hard, overwhelming and that these are big decisions. But we are here to support you. We are here to answer your questions and help you when you need it.

What happens when we overstep these boundaries? We lose the trust of medical practitioners. They don’t take us seriously when we are there to support you. They may even be less than happy that we are intruding on their space when we arrive in your birthing space. It is so important that we do not create these ripples both for you and for the entire Doula profession. If there is tension in the relationship then we have compromised the very work that we do. We compromise the gentle, caring, calm space that we strive to create to help you achieve the birth that you want.

We want to have a positive relationship with your practitioner. We want them to know that you trust them and that we are NOT there to tell our client that they don’t know what they are doing or that they are making the wrong decision for you. Truthfully, these are YOUR decisions. You do not have to consent to everything they suggest but that is not for us to decide.

You are strong and powerful. We will remind you of that and we will create the positive space you need, trust that.


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